Visual representation: 3rd Stage of Spiritual Enlightenment

As you enter the third and final stage of spiritual enlightenment, you no longer feel connected to everything but realise you are everything.  You feel a direct experience of oneness and the sensation of wholeness, as you are not separate from anything in the universe.

In contemporary society, technology is everything, and the visual process of the Photoshop collage emphasises this. The background street map, as well as the human eye symbolises a window to the human mind and soul against the surrounding warped map of the Internet represents the paradox between the virtual mind of our digital age and the physical journey of spiritual enlightenment. This contrast is also expressed through colour, with the blue shade against the black and white palette releasing the emotional calmness of meditation. The montage of the spiritual symbol Om – embodies anything that represents the divine to you. Holding Ubikcan qualities, the symbol undermines any clear sense of reality vs. non-reality, representing a higher power and its connection to each of us. The compilation of the computer-generated text is an example of the appropriation, re-contextualisation and uncreativity, as a prominent example of contemporary conceptual process.

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